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June 16, 2012

Come and see us for the Fête de la Musique at Café Wendel.
Schlesische Straße 42.
Thursday, June 21 — 9 pm.

/ Café Wendel

Short and Loud

May 22, 2012

Don´t miss the ten minutes that will change your lives: we open up the Short and Loud Festival!
Friday, June 1 — 6 pm.

/ www.cassiopeia-berlin.de

Wild at Heart

April 19 th, 2012

Get yourself together and come around!
Friday, May 11 th — 8 pm.

/ www.wildatheart.de


April 2, 2012

We lock ourselves away for the very next weeks to start and finish our motherlovin' first record.
See you soon on, in front of, under and behind stage!

Brunettez and Feminists

March 5 th, 2012

Ladies and Gents,
it took some time but the day comes closer: we're playing with our freaky friends The FEMINISTS at Cortina Bob.
Saturday, March 17 th — 9 pm.

/ cortinabobberlin.de
/ thefeminists.blogsport.de

Rauchhaus Soliparty

December 31, 2011

See you guys all on Wednesday, January 11 th in SO36 at the big Benefiz-Gala for Rauchhaus!

/ www.rauchhaus1971.de
/ www.so36.de

The Cat eats the Rat.

November 30 th, 2011

This time, buddy, another night at Trickster Inn. Before The Trickster All Stars (Dear Santa Clause!) will be born SOOOON.
Ben Racken will be around.
As usually: be on time — 9 pm, Saturday, Dec. 10.

/ live


November 14 th, 2011

From The BRUNETTEZ with love: subscribe to our Newsletter!
Send an E-Mail to sayyeah[at]thebrunettez.de with the subject »newsletter«.

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Cola Pur, Tommy Haus

October 29 th, 2011

For the ones who weren't there for no excuse ...

/ eye