Street Cat EP

>July 15, 2016

B y e   b y e ,   s h m o o p i e s !

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Screaming for a better Future #4

April 2, 2014

W e ' v e   b e e n   p r e s s e d   o n   v i n y l !

'Screaming For A Better Future Vol. 4' out now! 22 years after the last release of the legendary serie, the soli sampler is finally back! Get your own personal KNUTSCHFLECK from the Brunettez and support alternative subcultural projects in Berlin, Hamburg and Düsseldorf on the way.

If you want to order a copy get in touch with us and write us an e-mail with the topic 'Screaming ... #4'. It's 11 Euros plus shipping.

C h e e r s .

The Brunettez

February 8, 2014

Ladies and gents, for your home hifi: shut up and dance!
1 tape, 11 songs, all hits.

Again: tausend Dank an Sarahhh und Clooos.
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L o v e .

PS. Listen to our songs on our brandnew / Bandcamp page!

Cute Chaos

June 25, 2012

We're on this piece of art with one song: Madame A. Dear friends from Trim Tab Tapes: y o u are Punk as F*ck!

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